The New Finishes Advantage

More Reasons to Choose New Finishes for Your Next Coating Job…

Founded in 1985, New Finishes is a family owned and operated coating contractor specializing in HVLP Painting, Powder Coating, Heavy Equipment Painting, Electrostatic Painting and Sandblasting serving the greater Seattle area. Our established reputation is earned by our customer service, quality work and our talented employees.

A focus on supporting all our customer needs means that you get:


We can expertly paint plastic, metal and aluminum. If your project isn’t quite right for powder coating or electrostatic coating, we can give you an attractive finish with high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) air spraying on-site or in one of our spray booths. We also offer low VOC – leed compliant green applications.

What separates New Finishes from other electrostatic companies?  An investment in portable state of the art HEPA filtration systems demonstrates our surpassed commitment to provide clients with “the best method to filter and purify the air during and after the painting is completed.”


We offer free estimates and competitive pricing with a proven record of delivering quality workmanship and service. Local pick-up and delivery for in-shop jobs and an experienced field team for electrostatic painting at your location.

Are you worried about paint fumes?  This is a common concern which is why we frequently paint at night and on weekends to alleviate and inconvenience for our customers.  Don’t worry if your facility remains open 24/7.  New Finishes frequently paints on-site in hospitals, hotels, condominiums, and other facilities that remain open while remodeling.

More Coating and Finishing Choices

Custom color jobs, clear coats, textured finishes, metallics, and professional quality touch-ups.  Whether we electrostatically paint on site or we pick up and bring back to our shop for sandblasting and a powder coat, let us help you decide which is the best coating for your project.

Attention to Detail – From thorough and careful preparation and meticulous conversion coating to the final paint application, we understand the level of detail needed to create a final product that is as close to perfect as possible.

Expertise – New Finishes has experts with decades of experience for each service we provide.  We utilize the team member with the best skills for the needs of the project while understanding that no two projects are the same.  Our staff of skilled & dedicated technicians pride themselves on their attention to detail.

Consistent, Quality Work from the Same Skilled Staff – Our employees are what set us apart from average companies. Our New Finishes team goes above and beyond everyday.  We don’t rely on sub-contractors, so you know you’ll get the same quality result every time.

We have a Department Specialist for each division, however everyone is cross trained to support one another.

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